Review: Lush “Ocean Salt” face scrub

April 23, 2013 § 4 Comments

I have quite sensitive skin and with several face washes and scrubs I’ve tried previously I’ve found most really irritate my skin and leave my face feeling raw, and most  perfumed products make me itchy as hell. So far the only products I’ve found that work well for me are Simple face washes. Somehow, though, while being quite sensitive my skin still manages to feel quite rough and dry without a good exfoliating scrub in the mornings, and I’ve got pretty bored of having to use bland products every day.

After finding that Lush products are delicate enough to do what they’re supposed to without damaging my skin while still smelling great, I just had to find myself an exfoliating face scrub to try.

SAM_1371 SAM_1369


Rating: ☺☺☺☺☻ (4/5 happy faces)

Would I buy this again?: Yes

At £6.95 for a 100g pot, this scrub is a little pricey, but I think it’s more than worth it and I’m definitely recommending it to anyone who likes a good exfoliating face scrub.

It contains rock salt as its exfoliating agent, and smells of coconuts and limes which makes it a great one for brightening your morning. The base itself has quite a nice, creamy texture, doesn’t lather up like most scrubs on the market and doesn’t leave my face feeling as dry as some products have. The salt in this scrub does mean it’s very rough, but I found that with a very gentle pressure it works fantastically, plus this roughness means you can use it on other areas of your body besides your face. Read more for a full review!

The first thing that attracted me to this scrub in the store was the interesting blue colour, and I stuck around for the great smell. It’s a very strong citrus scent with creamy coconut undertones and I find it really invigorating in the morning when my eyes are still hardly open.

When I first used Ocean Salt on my face at home, I did make the mistake of going the usual pressure I would use and was rewarded with a painful scratchy feeling (fortunately when I got out there were no marks). When I got the pressure right – think feathery light touch – I found this scrub incredible, but I still find it catching on the end of my nose sometimes. It really gets rid of any of those annoying little dry, slightly flakey bits round my nose that I’ve often been left with and left my face feeling really smooth and soft. A great bonus of the course salt is that you can use it effectively on other parts of your body by simply pressing a little harder while you scrub – I love using it on my neck and round my collar bones to smooth the skin out there too.

Another issue I have with most scrubs I’ve tried is that they just dry my face out like crazy. Even Simple’s Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash (which up until now was my favourite) left me feeling like I had to get the moisturiser on the moment I got out of the shower. I do still need to put cream on after using Ocean Salt, but thanks to the lovely moisturising ingredients it contains I don’t feel physically uncomfortable until I do.

I’d definitely buy this product again, and recommend it to a friend, although I don’t think it would be suitable for people who have quite delicate skin as the coarse salt is a very rough exfoliant, unless it was used only periodically (once a week to really freshen up your skin and leave you feeling smooth, perhaps).



  • great fresh citrus smell
  • really strong exfoliator
  • non-drying on skin
  • can use on other parts of the skin too


  • easy to get a little rough and hurt your skin
  • possibly not suitable for very delicate skin
  • a little pricey

I’d buy this scrub again and will be recommending it to anyone who asks!


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§ 4 Responses to Review: Lush “Ocean Salt” face scrub

  • Whimsical&Quirky says:

    I absolutely adore this scrub! I never owned the full size just because I can never justify spending so much on a scrub (I get little samples of it whenever I go into the store). I’m obsessed with the smell of it and it’s the only scrub that I can use on my sensitive skin that won’t break it out!
    I love your review! ❤

    • celmoy says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading.

      I absolutely love this scrub too, my face feels incredible after I’ve used it and the smell is just so good. The pot I have is the smaller one you can buy. I know it’s around double the price of most other facial cleansers you can buy, but it feels so good that I can justify it to myself… it is quite expensive though, getting the little samples is a great idea!

      • Whimsical&Quirky says:

        I love 7 minutes away from a Lush so I will just always go in and ask for a sample! The samples last a long time…try using the ultrabland facial cleanser with it…you will get good results! 🙂

      • celmoy says:

        Oh lucky you! When I was at uni there was a Lush just in the city centre, but now I’m back with my parents it’s a little way away… not too far though, and it’s always nice to do some shopping! 😀

        I actually bought Ultrabland the day after I bought Ocean Salt. Do you use it before or after the scrub, I never thought of using them together!

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