My Makeup Bag Essentials

April 25, 2013 § 4 Comments


I thought I’d share my favourite makeup products with you! I do have a lot more than this, but these products are always in my bag. I use them or a combination of them almost every day.

  1. Maybelline – Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (021, nude).
  2. Rimmel – Lasting Finish by Kate (08)
  3. Loreal – Super Liner Perfect Slim (intense black)
  4. Rimmel – Lash Maxxx (003, extreme black)
  5. Max Factor – Smokey Eye Effect Eye Shadow (pink plume)
  6. Barry M – Super Soft Eye Crayon (no 1, black)
  7. Barry M – Super Soft Eye Crayon (no 7, blue)
  8. Carmex – Classic Lip Balm
  9. Rimmel – Glam Eyes Trio Eye Shadow (621, orion)

I don’t tend to wear much makeup at all unless I’m going out at night. During the day I like to keep a more toned down or natural look.

I hardly really wear foundation and when I do it’s only to cover the dark bits under my eyes and the pinker bits around my nose (I really should get a concealer though) but I’ve heard a lot of people talking about BB Creams recently, so I think I’ll be trying one of them soon!

It’s only quite recently that I’ve started wearing lipstick at all, but I’m in love. My Rimmel lipstick is a lovely, soft shade of pink that goes well with my natural-ish look and lasts a good few hours. I’ll be reviewing it soon so watch this space!

On my eyes, I very often only wear eyeliner on my top lid, (Loreal’s Super Liner is great – easy application and lasts all day with very little smudging) but when I feel like prettying up a bit I either use the Rimmel trio block for a very naural colour or an innocuous smokey eye, or the pink end of Max Factor’s pink plume crayon eye shadow (this doubles up perfectly if I want a more casual smokey eye for just going to the pub or something similar by simply adding the darker end). Barry M’s eye crayons are lovely and wear well during the day, and just add something a little different to my makeup look. The blue looks great next to any eye colour! I rarely wear mascara and I’m actually looking for a new one, but Lash Maxxx is pretty good too. I have black lashes already so I like the comb to fan out and add length to my lashes really nicely when I do decide to go for it.

And as always, soft, smooth and lovely lips are a must. I always have a pot of Carmex in my bag. It’s the best lip balm I’ve found for keeping your lips soft and chap-free.

What are your favourite makeup products? What can’t you live without? And can you recommend me any good mascaras, concealers or BB creams?

Thanks for reading!


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§ 4 Responses to My Makeup Bag Essentials

  • theoxfordowl says:

    You have a couple of similar items to me! I really like the Barry M eye crayons 🙂
    I find that the No7 mascaras are really underrated – I love the 360 degree one for volume and length, and if you’re on a budget then Collection 2000’s Super Size Fat Lash mascara is also good for length (pink tube and about £1.99)?
    Your skin sounds quite like mine, too, not really needing foundation except for dark circles and nose-pink… 😛 I really rate the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, which is quite light coverage for a concealer, but does those bit, and you might like the Healthy Mix Serum foundation too instead of a BB cream – it’s not much heavier than a BB cream, and feels like you have nothing on at all! Just helps to even out your face, and then the concealer gives back up where you need it. I like it better than any BB cream or foundation I’ve tried! I swapped to it from the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, as well, and just found it about 400x better!
    Wow, that was long, sorry..! 😀

    • celmoy says:

      No don’t be sorry at all! Thank you so much, this is the advice I need! I’m just a bit hesitant about going out and buying new makeup, especially products I haven’t got much experience with, because if I hate it then it can be like £7 down the toilet. And there are too many things on the market to go and look at a review for every single one…

      I’ll definitely try some of those products, thank you! I saw your review of the Bourjois concealer and foundation and from what you said they do really sound great. I think I’ll definitely give it a go. You know, I always completely overlook No.7 whenever I’m looking at makeup products, but one of my best quality coloured eye shadows is from there. If you say their mascara is good, I’ll definitely give it a go!

      Thank you so much, again 😀

      • theoxfordowl says:

        Absolutely no worries, glad I could help (and that you didn’t think I was sticking my nose in!) 😀
        I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to waste money on things like foundation – I’m happy to buy ALL the nail polish, ’cause you can’t really go wrong, but it always seems a risk to buy a whole bottle of something expensive… If you have a spare half hour, go down to Boots and try a bit of all the lightweight foundations to see which ones you like the feel of – that’s how I found the Bourjois one 🙂 There was one I liked the look of almost as much (I think Rimmel?) but the Bourjois was a bit cheaper… And yes, I never actually look at No7 in Boots, but I love the things I do have from them – their lipstick is fab, so moisturising!

      • withprettythings says:

        Ahh, I try to do testers on myself, but you just can’t quite get the total feel with them… I love Rimmel stuff! Their nail varnish is the best in that price range I think, that’s what got me started.. I’ll go have a poke at the Bourjois stuff though, and probably go between that or this Garnier BB cream I’ve been hearing so much about. But since you like the Bourjois so much and it sounds like we have similar skin, I’ll probably end up with that!

        It’s great to hear about the No.7 lipstick too. I have loads of vouchers for No.7 products so it’ll give me a chance to use some of them.

        I didn’t think you were prying at all! I love hearing other people’s opinions, and I’m not THAT much of an experienced makeup user (up until recently I was just eyeshadow and liner) so it’s great to get some advice from people with more experience 😀

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