Review: Rimmel “Lasting Finish by Kate” (colour 08)

April 25, 2013 § 6 Comments


Here we have one of my makeup bag essentials!

I didn’t used to be much of a fan of lipstick, but after buying this one, I’m in love! I’ve been slowly falling in love with Rimmel’s products for a while now. They’re really good quality and last well, but at around half the price of a lot of other brands, I feel a lot of Rimmel products are way better value for money. After about 20 minutes of dithering in the shop, I decided to go for it and get this pink shade.


Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺ (5/5 happy faces)

Staying power: ☺☺☺☺☻(4/5)

Price: £5.49 (Boots)

Would I buy this again?: Yes


This lipstick is a lovely, slightly matte (with a very slight sheen). It’s a warm pink with orangey-yellow undertones which makes it great for my skin tone. I think this is a great day-colour – it’s quite natural but still gives a bit of a blush of colour to your face and looks very feminine and pretty.


(Pictures of it on my lips below!)

It’s got quite a creamy texture and isn’t at all drying on my lips. It isn’t heavy or sticky either; in fact when I’m wearing it, I hardly notice at all. Once blotted, it stays on really well and doesn’t rub off much (although it clings to glasses when you drink). I’ve worn this during the day quite a few times now and for me it’s lasted at least 3-4 hours until it fades a little, although the colour is still there after that and refreshes really well. It is perfumed but it’s quite a gentle smell and isn’t at all overpowering or unpleasant.

Here’s some pictures of my lips naked and with it on –

In natural light:

natural light

In artificial light:


Sorry I couldn’t get better pictures, my camera just doesn’t show the colour as well as I wish it could! But because I felt like my lips were pretty, here’s another picture of my lips with it on:


All I need now is to find a liner that works well with it! The only negative I can really find is that Rimmel don’t have a brand of matching liners available, but I’m sure there will be something I can find.



  • doesn’t make lips feel dry
  • good staying power
  • not too strongly perfumed
  • great day colour


  • no branded matching liner

I just utterly love this lipstick! The colour and the lipstick itself are perfect for me. I’ll definitely be buying from this line again and I’m looking forward to extending my adventures into lip colouring products!

What’s your favourite lipstick/lip product?


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§ 6 Responses to Review: Rimmel “Lasting Finish by Kate” (colour 08)

  • Sam says:

    I like the lasting power of the Kate Moss lipstick, but I struggled with the drying effects. My lips just got so chapped from using it. I’m surprised it is so expensive in the UK! It was only like $3-4 here in the US. It’s weird because isn’t Rimmel supposed to be from London? You think it would be cheaper there.

    • withprettythings says:

      Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve never found mine drying at all… have you tried putting balm on before using the lipstick? Or maybe your lips are just more sensitive than mine! That’s such a pity though, do you have anything that works better for you?

      That’s really strange too! I wouldn’t say £5 is too bad for a lipstick here, usually they’re about £7-8, but it’s really weird that it would be cheaper in the US. Usually your makeup is more expensive!

      • Sam says:

        Yeah, I think my lips are sensitive or something because a lot of drugstore brands dry out my lips. 😦

      • withprettythings says:

        I’ve actually just had someone tell me that No.7 lipsticks are very hydrating, and I saw a review for Collection 2000’s Cream Puff Lip Creams, so I’m going to give those brands a try and review them. I hope they’ll be a bit better. Have you tried them at all?

  • ablackfawn says:

    i just bought #04 ! i’m gonna write about it when i’ll have the chance to put it on!
    i love yours as well but i’m afraid it’s not my colour : )

    • withprettythings says:

      I’ll look out for your review then! 04 is a gorgeous colour too, I can’t wait to see how it looks for you!

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