Review: Lush “Love Lettuce” Fresh Face Mask

May 2, 2013 § Leave a comment


There’s nothing better to make you feel fresh and a little bit pampered than a really nice face mask, and Love Lettuce from Lush is my favourite so far. After using it, my skin feels wonderfully soft, smooth and nourished; I have to force myself to limit using it!


Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺ (5/5 happy faces!)
Effectiveness: ☺☺☺☺☺(5/5)
Price: £5.95/75g pot (Lush)
Would I buy again?: Yes

Full Review:

Love Lettuce contains ground almonds which are a great, gentle exfoliator for your skin. It has a seaweed base with almond oil and honey which really helps to add moisture back into your skin and has a lovely, fresh and gentle lavender scent. As it contains no preservatives, you need to keep this mask in the fridge which coincidentally adds to the lovely feeling you get as you apply it.

The face mask goes on smoothly and has quite a creamy texture which I love. It doesn’t feel too uncomfortable while it dries and definitely doesn’t make my face feel like it’s drying out too (unlike a few face masks I’ve tried). The only issue I found with this face mask was that once it was dry, it got a little flakey and some tiny bits of dried mask fell off while I was sitting. I also love the gentle smell you get from the mask while it’s on; it does smell very faintly of lavender, but also somehow reminds me a little of chocolate and really helps me to relax and enjoy.

When you wash the mask off, you can use wet hands to scrub the formula around a little which lets the ground almonds do their job of gently exfoliating your skin. Naturally you can rub for as long or little time as you like, depending on how much you want to exfoliate, before washing the mask off completely with warm water. I also found that on the few occasions where I didn’t want to exfoliate at all, rubbing the dry mask with dry hands got it off really well with minimal exfoliation.

Love Lettuce is moisturising, but I generally find that I need to put on a dab of moisturiser once I’m done (but that could be down to scrubbing my face with hot water). After every use my face feels brilliantly smooth and soft and I like to use this mask twice a week as part of my skincare routine.

A big bonus is that if you bring back 5 clean Lush pots to any Lush store, you get a free fresh face mask!

I absolutely love this mask, and aside from the slight flaking while it’s on (which I don’t mind too much) my only complaint is that since it doesn’t have preservatives, I’m wary of keeping it for too long, so I can only have one fresh face mask in my house at a time! I love Love Lettuce and will definitely buy again, but I can’t wait to try some more of Lush’s face masks!



  • feels great going on
  • leaves skin soft and smooth
  • great relaxing smell
  • contains no preservatives


  • slightly flakey going on
  • needs to be used before best before date (because there’s no preservatives)

I love this face mask, it feels incredible! I’d recommend it to everyone! (My boyfriend likes it too)

What’s your favourite face mask?


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