Easy Natural Makeup For Beginners

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Here’s a little guide for anyone who’s new to using makeup or a little unsure. I’ll introduce some really basic products and how to use them, and also do a tutorial on how to get the look I’ve done on myself in the title picture. Every product I use in this guide is good quality, affordable and easy to get the hang of!

The Products:


  1. Rimmel Glam’Eyes Trio; colour: 621, Orion (£6.49 at Boots– This is one of my favourite eyeshadow trios; I keep it in my makeup bag all the time! It’s great for a very natural look, it really just enhances your eyes rather than puts colour on them.
  2. Natural Collection Pressed Powder; colour: Cool (£1.99 at Boots– Powder is great for setting your foundation or BB Cream and reducing shine. This one from Boots’ Natural Collection is really cheap but still good quality.
  3. Seventeen BB Cream All In One Make Up; colour: Light (£6.99 at Boots) – I love BB Cream. It’s halfway between a foundation and a moisturiser and gives you a natural finish with light coverage. Unlike foundation, this doesn’t make my face feel caked up with makeup; you hardly even notice it’s there.
  4. Natural Collection CoverUp Stick; colour: Fair (£.199 at Boots) – Again a really cheap item from Natural collection but it does its job really well. It’s very light and doesn’t cake at all in the creases under my eyes.
  5. Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream; colour: Cotton Candy 1 (£2.99 at Boots) – Collection 2000 is another really cheap makeup brand. Some of their products are pretty poor quality, some are great. I love this lip cream; it’s moisturising and dries to a really nice matte finish. It isn’t stick or heavy on your lips, either, and has a nice vanilla smell.
  6. Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara; colour: Brown Black (£6.49 at Boots) – This mascara is incredible. It goes on easy, doesn’t clump and you can get a really dramatic lash effect with just two coats! It’s not quite false lashes, but it gives a really natural looking lash that is full and long.
  7. Carmex Lip Balm (£2.69 at Boots) – I always like to have lip balm handy, especially before putting on other lip products like lipstick. Carmex is my favourite brand; use regularly for gorgeous soft lips! Protip: If you have dry skin on your lips, exfoliate them by gently scrubbing a wet toothbrush on them, then dry them off and apply lip balm; I do this every night and it keeps them soft and smooth.
  8. Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim; colour: Intense Black (N/A)– This is my favourite eyeliner so far. It’s a felt tip liner which means it’s really easy to apply, but it lasts for a really long time too. I couldn’t find it on the Boots website, so I’ll need to see if it’s still available. There are lots of other great felt tip liners out there and I’ll find and review a new one ASAP.

The Tools:


A lot of people think that you have to buy really expensive makeup brushes. I’m not saying that really expensive brushes aren’t better, but mine were mostly pretty cheap and they get the job done well enough. Plus, there’s no point spending £20 on a powder brush if this is one of your first times using powder and you may decide you don’t actually like it, so I recommend if you’re starting out, try to get brushes that are reasonable quality but still not too expensive. You can always splash some cash when you’ve had a bit more experience and know that you definitely want to use that type of brush. My only advice is to have at least two eyeshadow brushes – one to apply light colours and one for darker colours.

  1. Seventeen Power Brush (£3 at Boots) – A nice big brush with reasonably soft bristles to apply powder to your face.
  2. EcoTools Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush (£5.49 at Boots) – This is my most expensive makeup brush by far. It’s a really good one; the bristles are so soft. I use it to apply light eyeshadow to my lids and sometimes for some quick blending.
  3. UBU Eye Shadow Brush (about £6 at Asda for a set) – I bought the three white-handled brushes as a set, I think from Asda. They’re pretty reasonable quality and work great. I use this one for darker eyeshadows.
  4. UBU Slanted Brush – I use this for applying eyeshadow into my crease and along my lash lines.
  5. UBU Blender brush – Use this to soften lines you’ve done with the slanted brush and blend eyeshadows together.
  6. A Teaspoon – I’ll explain this more later, but this is actually a great help when applying mascara. You can also use it to help with applying eyeliner: watch this youtube video for more!
  7. Boots Eyelash Curler (£4.50 at Boots) – Use to curl your lashes to make them more defined and noticeable. Protip: Give them a quick blast with warm air from a hairdryer before using to curl lashes more effectively.

Get The Look:

  1. Start off with a clean face and hands; makeup can trap dirt and oil in your pores which leads to spots and dirty hands is just asking for a breakout! If you use a moisturiser, let it settle for at least 5 minutes before you start applying makeup, otherwise it could cause your makeup to come loose during the day. I find it best to use an aliceband to pull my hair back from my face so that it doesn’t get in the way (macara’d fringe, anyone?).
  2. I had some dark circles under my eyes (the camera did me justice, they were a lot darker than they look in the pictures) so I first applied the Natural Collection Concealer under my eyes by dabbing it on then blending with my fingers. concealer
  3. Dot the BB Cream around your eyes, cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and blend it all together so that it forms a thin, even covering. I used my fingers for this again but you can use a brush or sponge if you like. Remember: make sure your hands are clean when applying the BB Cream! I like to put a blob on the back of my hand to avoid touching the opening of the tube with my fingers. foundationSeventeen’s BB Cream takes about 10 minutes to settle – until then it will feel a little oily, but once it’s settled you can hardly feel it. Let it settle then apply a dusting of powder ith your powder brush (just dab the brush gently onto the powder to pick it up) to set the cream and reduce any shine.
  4. Use your eyeshadow brush for light shadow to apply a pale cream-coloured eyeshadow right up to your brow bone, following the contours of your eye socket (mine was in my colour trio). I used a colour trio because it’s easier to get the right shades when you’re starting out. You can use any colours you like, but mine are brown for the natural look; to keep it simple, pick three colours – a creamy-pale one, a mid colour and a darker shade of your mid colour. This cream colour will help to hide any veins in your eyelid and brighten the eye area. After the cream colour, apply your mid colour on your eyelid only. eyeshadow1
  5. Use the darkest colour of eyeshadow to enhance your crease. Using a thin slanted brush, apply it into your crease and along, following the shape of your eye. Fill this area in up to roughly the halfway point of your lid and use a blending brush to soften the edges of the colour (if you need to, use your darker shadow brush to dab a little more of the dark eyeshadow into the outer third of your lid). eyeshadow2I then used the slanted brush again to apply a small amount of the darkest shadow onto my lower lash line to give some gentle definition.
  6. This is what the finished eyeshadow will look roughly like (again, sorry that my camera has muted the colours slightly!): eyeshadow doneAs you can see, the darkest shadow isn’t too visible but still adds some nice definition to enhance your eyes.
  7. Apply eyeliner along your top lash line. I find that using my other hand to gently pull my eyelid slightly more taut helps a lot here, closing the eye you’re lining makes it easier too! If you like, add a tiny little flick on the outside corner of your eye (you can sort of see this in the third picture in the strip below). eyeliner
  8. Curl your lashes (no pictures, sorry!). Protip: Give your lash curlers a quick blast with your hairdryer before using them. This will make them give your lash a natural curl much more easily! I start at the base of my lashes and gently squeeze, release and move slightly forward and repeat.
  9. Next, I applied the Collection 2000 lip creme and Falsifeyes mascara. The lip creme is really easy to apply; I line along my bottom lip and then fill in, then press my lips together so that it fills most of my top lip too. Just take care across your cupid’s bow! I find that if I open my mouth and pull my lips over my teeth, I can get much better control (and I like to put some lip balm on beforehand to make sure my lips don’t get dry). Apply mascara to your lashes, starting at the base of your lashes and gently brushing to the tips; at the base, give the brush a little wiggle to help separate your lashes. If, like me, you find that when you apply mascara it tends to get all over everywhere, use a teaspoon as a barrier behind your lashes. This is great for getting your bottom lashes (I don’t have any, unfortunately) but also works really well on your top lid, too. extrasIf you have problems with clumping, press the mascara brush against the spoon as you go over your lashes – this should help a little. Also, remember to let your mascara dry COMPLETELY between coats (with some, you may have to try not to blink for a few seconds as many wetter formulas will take longer to dry and you’ll end up with mascara all over your face). You may want to curl your lashes again once your mascara has dried.
  10. And we’re done! Admire your makeup in a mirror then take some hot selfies! SAM_1691

I hope this helps!

If you don’t like wearing foundation or any of the other products I’ve used, simply leave them out! This style of eyeshadow looks great just by itself. However, applying a small amount of foundation, BB Cream or primer to your eyelids before putting on your eyeshadow will help it to last longer.

Remember, you can use any two colours of eyeshadow you like and still use this technique to look great. For a night out, I like to use more vibrant colours (I really like purple) or gold as my “mid” colour and either darker tones of those colours (if you’re using gold, a dark, shimmery brown works really well) as my crease and outer colour. Of course, you can use any gloss or lipstick you like or leave your lips naked for a gorgeous look too. Remember to take your makeup off at the end of the day using a good cleanser, otherwise you could end up with spots and a ruined pillowcase! My current favourite cleanser is Ultrabland by Lush, but Simple’s Cream Cleanser is a great one too and a little easier to find.

Did you like this guide? Would you like to see more? Comment below! And you can now follow me on twitter @w_prettythings.


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