Mascara Wars Round 2: 17 “Falsifeye” vs Rimmel “Scandaleyes”

May 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

mascara - vs2

Since a couple of people commented on my comparison of Benefit “They’re Real!” and 17 “Falsifeye saying that it was helpful and they had actually changed their mind about re-buying They’re Real!, I thought I’d do another comparison with Falsifeye and Scandaleyes.

I have to say that ordinarily I don’t tend to buy more than one of a product – if I have a mascara I like, I won’t go out and buy another mascara until it’s finished. But I was in Boots and they had a special offer on Rimmel products where you got a free tube of Scandaleyes if you spent £10. Since I already had £12 worth of Rimmel products in my hands, who could say no?

As you can see in the above picture, both mascaras have really big, bristled brushes. I absolutely love oversized mascara brushes; each of these brushes catches almost all my lashes on the first swipe. I like that the Rimmel brush has a pointed/rounded tip because it makes it really easy to get the tiny lashes on the inside corners of my eyes.

The formula of Scandaleyes is a lot wetter than Falsifeye and takes a little longer to dry – it’s quite easy to get Scandaleyes blinked onto your upper or lower lid but once I realised this I found it easy to avoid (plus that’s why q-tips were invented, right?). The only issue I have with the wetter formula of Scandaleyes is that it uncurls my lashes and I have to recurl them after. I also find that Falsifeye can be kind of flakey sometimes but I’m not sure what causes it, because most of the time it’s completely fine. Scandaleyes doesn’t flake at all and they both wear brilliantly all day.

mascara - bare

mascara - falsifeye

mascara - scandaleyes

You’ll be able to see that Scandaleyes has a blacker formula than Falsifeye, but my tube of Falsifeye is “Brown/black”. 17 make a darker formula of Falsifeye called “Intense Black” so I’ll probably go for that when I buy it again. I think that both mascaras are pretty even for the length that they give and neither make my lashes go all gross and spidery. Scandaleyes I think gives a little bit more volume, but that may just be down to the darker formula.

There isn’t much of a difference in price, either; Scandaleyes is currently on offer at Boots for only £4.99 (normal price £6.99) and Falsifeye is £6.49 at Boots.

In the future when I’m picking between these, I think it will come down to which is on offer or not! They’re both really nice mascaras. The only thing that sways me is that Scandaleyes is a lot less flakey, but since Scandaleyes is also a lot wetter I’m going to spend some more time using both before making up my mind completely!

What’s your favourite mascara? Have I helped to change your mind at all?

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