Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint + Balm

May 19, 2013 § 8 Comments


Recently I’ve been trying to find some nice lip products that I can wear during the day but still give an interesting pop of colour to my lips, and after remembering that I had previously bought and tried Rimmel’s 1000 Kisses Lip Tint and quite liked it, I decided to go for it again. My last tube has vanished somewhere into the great beyond, so I went for a colour that I thought would be a nice bright(ish) pink but still suitable for daytime wear. I don’t know if they have perhaps changed the formula since I last bought it, but I was extremely disappointed.


Rating: ☺☺☺☻☻ (3/5 happy faces)
Effectiveness: ☺☺☻☻☻(2/5)
Price: £5.99 from Boots
Would I buy again?: No

Full Review:

Although on the Boots website it only shows 4 colours of this lip tint available, instore there are actually a lot more ranging from very pale pink to bright red. The colour I ended up choosing was “510 Kiss Me” which on my hand looked like a reddish pink.


The “felt tip” applicator makes the tint really easy to apply – you just use the tip to line your lips and then simply colour in. Once on, the tint was a little redder than I expected (probably down to the fact that it’s not opaque and the skin on my lips is pinker than the skin on my hands) but it was still a colour that I really liked; not too obtrusive or bold but still bright enough to bring my lips out and add some lovely colour to my face. The balm made the tint really shiny and was extremely moisturising.

100 kisses

The packaging claims this tint is “transfer proof” and the balm is supposed to lock in the colour, but after I put the balm on I found that there was colour coming off so I had to blot on a tissue as you would with a lipstick. After this though I found that no colour seemed to transfer onto my hands or any cups.

The problems started when I had lunch -the tint came almost completely off after I’d had a bacon roll and a cup of coffee and left stains around the edges of my lips.

1000 - after break

I was slightly disappointed that it hadn’t lasted since Rimmel claims that it’s transfer proof, but okay, we all know that lip products rarely stay on very well after food and drink, so I could overlook it. But when I tried to reapply the colour, it didn’t stay on my upper lip at all; when I applied the tint it simply beaded then went onto my bottom lip when I pressed my lips together. Rimmel says that the tint should be applied to clean, dry lips so I think it may have been down to there being balm left over on my skin – but really, who wants to have to go and wash off their lips and completely reapply product from scratch after they’ve had a drink? While I’m at home maybe I can do that, but if I’m working or otherwise out of the house I don’t really want to be fussing over my mouth all day.

Regardless, I carried on with the application and then sat for a while in the house without eating or drinking (the things I do to tell you guys about products!). About an hour and a half after attempting to reapply the tint, I took this picture:

1000 - after

As you can see, there is very little colour on my bottom lip (and what is there has gravitated into the lines on my lips) and virtually none on my top lip with staining around the edges! This is simply not a good look at all and it’s not even close to how it looked when I applied it before lunch.



  1. Really nice colour
  2. Easy application


  1. No staying power after eating or drinking
  2. Cannot be reapplied without washing off and starting from scratch
  3. Does not live up to “transfer proof” advertising

I love the application and colour of this tint, and Rimmel offers a great range of colours to choose from. However, it’s just not worth the money – it comes right off if you eat or drink and once that’s happened it’s impossible to reapply without washing off your lips and starting from scratch meaning it is unsuitable for wearing out of the house. The tint doesn’t live up to advertising and I’m sure there are products available which are much more effective and better value for money.

I don’t recommend this product and won’t be buying it again.

Can you recommend me some great lip products?

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