Outfit Of The Day (4th June) – Featuring my new hat!

June 5, 2013 § 2 Comments


Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well. Unfortunately I had to skip Manicure Monday because I trapped my fingers between the top of a short wall and the handlebars of my bike earlier last week and my nail beds are bruised and grazed and sore 😦 Not a good omen for that new hobby but we’re not going to let that stop us!

I know a lot of people do OOTDs every day, but firstly I’m not nearly organised enough to upload what I’m wearing the day I’m wearing it and secondly since I’m currently jobless and don’t go to uni, I spend most days lying face down on my bed in trackies and an old tshirt. So I hope you don’t mind just the occasional post when I actually put on nice things and hearing about it the day after!


Yesterday the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I spent most of the day lying on a towel in my back garden reading and waiting for my boyfriend to wake up. When he finally did we went to the shops so I could get myself my current favourite on-trend accessory for summer… a big ole floppy hat! I don’t think anyone really understands the love I have for my new hat (from Primark – £4). It’s a paper-straw material with lovely, thin gold threads woven in to add a little fanciness and I love the pattern that’s been incorporated; flowery, star-like shapes. It has a gold chain going around the crown which I do like, but I’m thinking about removing it and putting a ribbon or something a little softer for a slightly more girly look.


After some begging I convinced my boyfriend to take some pictures of me in his back garden (“Pleeeeaaase I want to show the people on my blog!”) where I promptly forgot how to pose for pictures.



I also took a couple of close-ups because there were some details about my clothes that I really liked but didn’t necessarily show up too well in the pictures. I’ve actually realised that I really like wearing chiffon tops with a bralet rather than a vest underneath, as long as the chiffon isn’t really thin and sheer. It was lovely and cool on a hot day like yesterday! The is blouse loose-fitting, a really nice peachy pink (the colour is most true in the picture on the right below), with a high-low hemline and has a nice little detail of being pulled round at the back and buttoned.


Chiffon blouse – Sans Souci (from TK Maxx), bralet from Asos, shorts and sandals from New Look.

I actually really liked my hair yesterday too – on my way to trying to do one style, I ended up with a kind of beachy-curl-do going on and left it at that. I curled my fringe up and round too, which I actually really liked. It looks kind of rubbish in the picture I took but that’s cameras for you..


My makeup I kept pretty simple and basic. Just Maybelline’s 14hr Super Stay Liptstick in “Stay With Me Coral” and 17’s Wet Look Lacquer Eyeliner (click the names to read my reviews).

Have you been enjoying the summer sun?


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§ 2 Responses to Outfit Of The Day (4th June) – Featuring my new hat!

  • Gillian says:

    This is such a cute outfit! I love that blouse and it looks great with the bralet underneath as well :).

    I wish my hair did the whole beachy waves thing – I’m very jealous! Mine is so straight and won’t budge into any style.

    • withprettythings says:

      Thank you! I’ve had this top lying around for ages but I’ve just never really got round to wearing it… I’m glad I finally did!

      My hair looks like it exploded if I don’t style it 😛 Have you tried curling it from wet with a round brush and a hair dryer? I find my hair always holds curls better if I style from wet. You can get easy beach curls that will stay all day if you take most of the wetness out of your hair (so it’s only very slightly damp), mist lightly with salt spray (you can buy it or make your own) then section it off and twist the sections, like when you twirl your hair round your finger. Make sure they’re well twisted then just coil them slightly or loop them up and clip them up with styling clips. You can give them a blast with a hairdryer or just leave it for a while until the hair is mostly dry, then let the sections down, shake them out a little with your fingers and mist and scrunch with hairspray. I’ve got some really nice (but also not so great) curly styles doing this and wow does it last!

      Also, I recently learned about pin curls which you can do with bobby pins on damp hair and leave in over night! I’m going to give that a go this week and I’ll post about it if I have any success!

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