Self-Pampering Sunday

July 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Good evening everyone!

Wow, so I had planned on posting this a lot earlier, but then I got sidetracked looking at flats with my parents… It’s still Sunday somewhere in the world!

So, recently I dedicated Sundays to some self-pampering and I love it. While I do have the occasional face mask etc throughout the week, I don’t really spend any time properly going through much of a routine (aside from washing in the morning and taking my makeup off at night) so by the end of the week I sometimes feel like my skin and I need some good time to ourselves to recuperate. Spending some time on myself also really helps to boost my self esteem too, so it’s really a great all-rounder!

I couldn’t really think of an appropriate picture to take so I’ll just leave this as a plain text post. I hope no one minds; I know my posts are usually broken up by a lot of pictures!

Here’s my Sunday routine (in chronological order):

  • The night before – actually remember to put on hand moisturiser and my overnight gloves.
  • Morning nail care – remove nail varnish, file down and reshape nails and clip toenails!
  • Have a facemask; my current go-to is Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty. I’ll be writing a review soon but it leaves me with lovely, fresh feeling skin! Usually I wash the face mask off in the shower.
  • Have a long shower without rushing, exfoliate properly all over with my loofah mitt and pumice the soles of my feet.
  • Hair removal – okay ladies, I can’t be the only one who can sometimes get a bit lax during the week! I shave under my arms every second day, but my legs usually have to wait until I remember them… I epilate my legs after I’ve been in the shower and having them nice and smooth makes me feel great.
  • Nose pore strip – this can come before or after the shower, it really depends on how I’m feeling, but it’s usually after. I’ve recently tried this DIY blackhead removal and I can honestly say it’s better than any strips I’ve bought from a store. My only tip is to make sure you let the gelatin mixture go completely hard before pulling it off, otherwise it won’t work!
  • Full-body moisturisation – I quite often can’t be bothered moisurising anything except my face during the week, and this usually means that my skin is getting on the dry side after a few days. Moisturising is also (for me) a nice, PG way of appreciating my body which is another little self-esteem booster.
  • Repaint nails in preparation for the up-coming week – this is whatever I post on Manicure Monday! Often I spend some time looking through magazines and blogs for inspiration, or sometimes just pick a colour or style that I’m just really feeling.

… And that’s pretty much it! I don’t do much on the hair care side; I use Argan oil and heat protection spray during the week, but I’m thinking of adding in a conditioning mask or something, I just haven’t found one that I’ve been inclined to buy yet! I’m also toying with the idea of a foot mask from Lush.

Do you have a set pampering day? What do you do?


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