Back with a summer promise!

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone!

Okay, so it’s been.. almost a year? since I last posted. Oops. But I am back with a summer resolution!

Summer is probably one of my favourite times of year, I am a sucker for the warmth! And once my exams are finished at uni, I’ll have until September to do more or less whatever I want! (Probably work. A lot) In the lead up to spring I had a look at my wardrobe and realised that I have a really bad habit of defaulting to skinny jeans. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against skinny jeans and there are so many girls who can look really nice and pretty and fashionable in skinnies. Not me, I end up wearing them out of laziness, usually with a boring tshirt and generally looking Really Uncool.

So until autumn comes round, I’ve banned myself from wearing jeans! Shorts, leggings, trousers and skirts are all still open options, but I really want to use the warm weather to expand my wardrobe and force myself to get better at putting together nice outfits! I will update soon with some of my current favourite jean-less outfts. There is a big upside to working in a clothes store since I get really good discount!

Have you made any fashion plans for summer?


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